How to Wiggle Out of the Mud! – 2

Live With Purpose

By Dr. Ron Ross

Who am I and why am I here? Those are the two most important questions you can ask yourself.

Question 1: Who am I?

Some say you’re the product of a bit of slime that squirmed its way out of some prehistoric bog and evolved from this to that, then to something else until one day, some fifty-million years later, “YOU” appeared. That’s the good news. The bad news is that after fifty-million years of evolution, you are allowed only seven or eight wearying decades until someone sticks you back into the bog you allegedly came from. What a deal!

Others opine that you are the reincarnation of some poor wretch who fought in the Peloponnesian Wars or who served in the courts of King Arthur only to die and then return in the 21st Century as “YOU”. Sounds depressing to me because it means that after you die you could show up again on this little planet as a cow, a crow or the great-great grandchild of some robber baron in Pakistan.

Then there are those who think you came from no place and are returning to the same place you came from. They figure you are either a winner or loser in life’s unregulated unpredictable heartless lotteries and have no particular control over what happens. And when it’s all over, well, it’s all over, so it doesn’t much matter what you do in the interim. Do whatever you want.

Who you are, I believe, is much more than any of these or other insipid, uninspiring answers to Question 1. It makes more sense to me that you and I are exactly what we appear to be: intricately designed specially created individuals with the stamp of eternity on our souls and a yearning for God in our hearts. That is a scenario that calls us to be better than we have ever been and to become as valuable and useful citizens as we can possibly be.

Question 2: Why am I here?

You are here – not to gather dust or take up space. You are here – not to collect stuff or amass wealth. You are here to do something of worth, to bring light to a dark corner, to lift a fallen fellow, to encourage a disheartened soul, to heal a hurt, right a wrong, fix what’s broken, or wash what’s dirty.

You and I are here for a purpose. We are here to do something other than the meaningless repetitive mind-numbing activities often imposed on us by our parents or peers or employers. So, for Heaven’s sake, don’t just stand there, do something worthwhile! Fulfill your personal mission.

The first step out of the mud is to realize who you are – a special creation of Almighty God, and then to discover the important purpose for which you have been born.

Don’t be afraid of these two big questions. Find answers, claim your heritage, declare your usefulness, and you’ll be out of the mud in no time!

For more on finding your purpose in life I recommend “The Purpose Driven Life: What on Earth Am I Here For?” by Rick Warren.

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©Copyright 2016 Dr. Ronald D. Ross

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