How to Wiggle Out of the Mud! – 15

Get Rid of Impatience FAST!

By Dr. Ron Ross

Nearly every serious mistake I have made in my life (and I’ve made many) was the result of my restless desire for change and stimulation. My impatience has cost me good jobs, financial opportunities, professional advancement, and more.

Most of us at one time or another have quit too soon, or jumped before we should have, or took a bite of pizza before it had cooled off. It’s because we want to see some action, measure progress, stop the pain, or start the venture.

We are too bored or too stressed or too tired or too rested or too something else to wait one minute more for something to change, even if we can see that it might change for the better. As adults we still have that kid-like impetuosity to constantly ask, “Are we there yet? Are we there yet?” And we always wonder why the things we want done don’t happen faster.

Now I don’t want to quench your internal fire or make fun of your zeal to get something accomplished in life, but sometimes it’s good to reconnect with the pace of nature – and that pace is usually quite slow – except for weeds and hurricanes.

Here are four suggestions for gaining some patience in a very impatient world.

W: Walk away. Distance yourself from your situation either physically or emotionally. Step back, take a deep breath, and cool down before you do anything. When you are impatient you may be absolutely right on what needs to be done, but have the absolutely wrong attitude for getting it done.

A: Apply logic. That’s not easy to do when your heart is beating, your mind is racing, and your passion is high. But before you move, before you jump, apply some common sense wisdom. Impatience and wisdom are contrary to each other.

I: Increase options. When you’re anxious for change the first option is not always the best. Look around first and you might be surprised at what comes to you. Pay attention to what is happening around you – who you talk to, who you meet, what you see. You may prove true the line, “Good things come to those who wait.”

T: Trust your better angels. Impatience causes us to say things we would never say and do things we would never do if our better angels had their way. The wisest man who ever lived was the one who said, “Do unto others…” you know the rest of it. Impatience causes us to turn that around to “Do unto others BEFORE they do it unto me.”

You can see what this little exercise spells: WAIT! Not the funnest thing to do but sometimes it is the best.

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