A Call for Common Sense

Ron Ross

Common sense isn’t common anymore.

Common sense tells you, don’t spend more than you can earn, yet our government borrows trillions of dollars while they waste millions – like the $175,000,000 set aside to pay for the maintenance of buildings that have been vacant for years. Would you do that?

Some say they want to protect children but are happy only if partial-birth abortions are available. I can’t quite get my head around that. In the same category is the requirement for the Boy Scouts to allow girls to join, and the ridiculous idea there are way more than two genders. 

I don’t know for sure, but I think schools are required to get parental consent to administer sun lotion or aspirin to a student, but they cannot inform parents when a student becomes pregnant and wants an abortion. 

Perhaps the most recent example of no common sense was governors of many states declaring churches as “non-essential” but liquor stores, pot-shops, and abortion clinics “essential.” Or you can play tennis singles, but not doubles. Or you can buy socks and shirts at a crowded Walmart but not at Kohl’s and J.C. Penney. Or you can walk on the wet sand of the beach, but not the dry sand. Really? Really?

For over two centuries, common sense won foreign wars, endured drought and famines, fought enemies within and without to create the most prosperous, most generous, and most envied nation in world history. However, the faith and freedom we enjoy today are threatened by ravenous wolves parading as gentle sheep infusing every level of society with stupid, immoral, and destructive theories. They are enemies of common sense.

We need common sense again. We need truth and trust returned to families and governments. We need discretion in our courts, responsibility in the media, and reason back in our schools, colleges, and universities. 

I won’t give up, though, because I see a residue of common sense still active in our society. It is alive though hidden in the hearts and minds of those who love freedom, family, and God. It’s in you, if you finally listened to the advice of your parents and grandparents when they spoke common sense. 

Wise adults alive today are now the ones burdened to transmit common sense to our children and grandchildren. We must shout our way back into the mainstream of society. We must talk to our neighbors, teach our children and grandchildren, and demonstrate common sense by the way we live our lives.

This call is urgent. We must respond quickly before the enemy of common sense, cultural rot, sentences our children and grandchildren to a lifetime of lies, doubt, carnality, self-indulgence, and ultimately anarchy. Stop cultural rot. Take action now to perpetuate the hard-earned, hard-learned lessons of common sense. 

Steven Covey said, “What is common sense isn’t common practice.” Let’s make this life-lifting idea of common sense become common practice. Join me?

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