4.5: Proceed Forward – Opens Doors


Another significant reason that proceeding forward gives you the 5000+ Advantage is that motion attracts help, and as you go through life, there will be times when help is what you need.

Several years ago the Air Force Academy football program was highly rated with a great won/lost record and a dynamic coach. I proposed to them the creation of the Air Force Academy Football Annual. The deal was that we would create the full-color slick magazine that summarized each of their games and they would send it to all of their season ticket holders. We were to sell ads around the copy to pay for it and generate us a profit and they were to pay for the distribution.

Once they bought the idea we were on the bubble to deliver. Getting action photos from the games and copy for the publication was easy. Selling ads was not. We worked long and hard contacting businesses in Colorado Springs as well as those outside of Colorado Springs that we thought might be interested.

One day after we had contacted nearly everyone we could think of but were having only limited success, the marketing guy for a major defense contractor called me and said, “Mr. Ross, I am going to make your day!” And he was right. He purchased six full-color full-price one-third page ads that were to run on consecutive pages.

With that one sale our business model moved from despair to hope and from financial disaster to financial success. With the momentum of that one defense contractor we attracted a variety of additional advertisers and delivered on time to the Air Force Academy a beautiful magazine.

The sale from that defense contractor was not the result of good luck; it was the result of hard work. For days and weeks we had put ourselves in front of hundreds of potential advertisers and endured hundreds of rejections. Because we kept moving forward, because we had our eye on our goal, because our vision was clear, we kept moving, we kept calling, and we fully expected to succeed. Then, at precisely the right time, the door opened, the lights came on and the help we needed arrived.

Are you in need of help? Then start moving, take some action in the direction of your dreams and you will be both surprised and pleased at the doors that will open for you. Someone will offer you some great advice. Someone will introduce you to an important person. Someone will offer to invest in your project.

But help will not come to a couch potato or to someone slouched in the corner or to the person who always complains about having bad luck. And it sure won’t come to the one who gives up after a few feeble attempts. Help comes to the aggressive, the risk taker, the goal minded target facing principled adventurer.

The principle is simple: action attracts attention.

What is it that you want to do? Start a business? Build a website? Write a song? Go on a journey? Learn a new skill? Start moving toward your goal and you will be surprised who opens doors for you!

©2015 Ronald D. Ross

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