How to Wiggle Out of the Mud! – 17

Make a List of Ten

By Dr. Ron Ross

Getting something done usually starts with a list.

Wives make “honey-do-lists” for their husbands and “to-do” lists are a staple on every busy person’s desktop.

Before you leave on your vacation you make a list of everything you want to take with you and a list of all the things you want to do while you’re away. Several weeks before Christmas comes you will make a list of the gifts you need to buy.

Whenever I find myself caught in the mud I take a clean sheet of paper and write on it a column of one through ten. Then I begin to list the things I could do to change my circumstances. This list of ten forces me to think of a variety of solutions to my problem. It helps me think creatively and more often than not I come up with several options for solving my dilemma.

Here is a list of ten lists you could make that may help you to wiggle out of the mud:

  1. Make a list of ten goals you would like to achieve in the next five years. Read it every day and be willing to change the list as you change.
  2. Make a list of ten ways you could improve yourself. Begin with the one that most excites you.
  3. Make a list of ten things you could do this weekend to enhance the space you live in. Start with the one that is the easiest.
  4. Make a list of ten words you need to delete from your vocabulary and don’t use them for one full week.
  5. Make a list of ten people you need to encourage with a pleasant word, an email, a little gift, or your listening ear – then do it.
  6. Make a list of ten beautiful places you can visit that are within a one or two-hour driving distance from your house – then start visiting them.
  7. Make a list of ten books you will read in the next year. Read one per month.
  8. Make a list of ten things you can do for the person you love the most. Take the list to them and ask them which one they would like you to do first. I did this and my wife looked at the list and said, “That’s easy. Wash my car.”
  9. Make a list of the ten people you admire the most and write a sentence or two saying why you admire them.
  10. Make a list of ten positive qualities you see in yourself. Read the list every day so you will utilize them in your daily life.

Don’t like this list of ten? Then make your own, but make a list of ten!

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