How to Wiggle Out of the Mud! – 13

Get Better At Something

By Dr. Ron Ross

A man who worked in a rock quarry for several years one day decided to become an attorney. He talked to his wife and kids about his dream to get away from the dirty, backbreaking work in the quarry and get a college education. They got behind the idea and helped him with his schedule and studies so he could take night courses at a local university. A few years later he walked out of the rock quarry for the last time and entered the courtroom as a practicing attorney.

Are you stuck in your own personal rock quarry? Perhaps you’re stuck in a job you don’t enjoy or you are in a relationship that needs improvement. Maybe you have some unrealized dreams that are eating away at your discontented soul.

To get out of your rock quarry or to wiggle out of the mud you are in, may I suggest that you get better at something, anything, but improve your life or situation in some way starting today.

Your discontent is not all bad because that is where self-improvement begins.

There are, by the way, two kinds of discontent: Negative discontent and positive discontent.

Negative discontent usually comes from envy. You see others more successful or happier than you are and you resent their achievements. Negative discontent provides no release from your pain, causes depression, and results in inaction.

Many people are unhappy with their marriage or job, etc., but they don’t have the courage to change anything. They just plug along hoping against hope that somehow tomorrow will be better than today. But it never will be unless someone finally does something.

Positive discontent comes from restlessness and dissatisfaction with the status quo that leads to energetic, constructive action. It’s the kind of discontent that brings about change, growth, even revolution.

Start today to get better at something, anything and you’ll be on your way out of the mud. Find something that fascinates you and learn about it, become an expert in it, read books about it, take some classes on it, but get better at something and start today.

Whenever Earl Weaver, one-time manager of major league baseball’s Baltimore Orioles, got upset with a call by the umpire, he would dash out of the dugout, get into the umpire’s face and shout, “Are you gonna get any better or is this it?”

That’s not just a question for an umpire, it’s a question for you: Are YOU going to get any better or is this it?

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