15 Nasty Negative Nutty Things You Do That Keep You Down

Who is your biggest enemy? What happens most often to keep you from achieving your potential or from fulfilling your purpose on earth? Too often your biggest enemy is yourself. It’s not the competition or the economy or the weather or the neighborhood or your mother or your high school English teacher or the person […]

Five Enemies of Small Business Owners

Your business has enemies – and they are not the kind of enemies you often think of such as nasty competitors, government regulations, deteriorating store front, or a suffering economy. Your worst enemies are found right inside your heart and mind and that is where they must be challenged and defeated. Here are five enemies […]

Five Quick Steps to Stronger Self-Confidence

Awkward, shy, indecisive. Do those words describe you? Do you often interpret non critical comments as critical? Are you perpetually pessimistic about people, places and events? What you need is stronger self-confidence, a more honest sense of your own self-worth. Here are five quick steps you can take that if implemented over time will create […]

Six Stupid Things You Think About Yourself

Those stupid things you think about yourself pollute your mind, limit your achievements and corrupt your confidence. For some reason, the loudest voice you hear, the one that speaks with the most authority and does the most harm to you is not your mother’s voice, it is your own. Here are six of the most […]