You’re Something Special

Who is that person wearing your skin? Where have you come from, where are you going, and what are you supposed to be doing in the meantime? In short, who are you?

3. PrefaceIsn’t it really rather simple? After all, biologists can define you genetically, psychologists can explain you behaviorally, sociologists can assign you culturally, theologians can classify you religiously, educators can measure you intellectually, employers can utilize you profitably, judges can adjudicate you legally, bankers can rank you economically, and your friends and relatives can describe you accurately, yet still you wonder who you are and why you’re here!

For the next few weeks and months we will explore this wonderful subject of YOU! Each column I write will focus on a different aspect of YOU and what you’re all about and why you are so very, very special!

The series is based on one simple premise: YOU are absolutely unique. In the 10,000-year history of humanity there has never been anyone like you before, and throughout the unknown millenniums to come, there will never be anyone like you again. Indeed, You’re Something Special!

Please join me each week as together we peel away the facades and confusions of daily life to discover the true and marvelous you. To help us get started on the right track, I wrote this little poem. It describes what I will be attempting to accomplish over the next number of weeks and months for both you and me.

Only You Can Be You

By Ron Ross

Only you can be you, Only I can be me,

When we are who we are We are really set free.

So, let’s you and I Do all we can do;

First I’ll improve me While you shape up you.

And when our life’s done We’ll know we were true,

I was uniquely me, You were matchlessly you.


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©2013 Dr. Ronald D. Ross

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