You Can Create a Better and Brighter Future

You can create a better and brighter future because your view of your future has way more power than the memories of your past.

21. Chapter 15It may be true that you were teased in the fifth grade or that your mother loved your sister more than you or that your father abandoned you or that your 9th grade math teacher called you stupid or that you lived on the wrong side of the tracks or even that you suffered serious traumatic events in your life such as sexual or physical abuse.

Each of those kinds of events is painful and some are life altering.  Over time they have accumulated deep within your soul to make you what and who you are today. However, you should never allow what happened to you in the past determine your future. Here’s why: you have been created with the God-like gift of creativity.

Did you know that human beings are the only creatures on earth that can take what is and make it into something completely different? We can take a plant and turn it into a medicine. We can take sand and turn it into glass or corn and turn it into gasoline. We can even take a single harmless invisible atom and turn it into a dangerous bomb.

Let me repeat a phrase from the previous paragraph because it is so important: you can take what is and make it into something completely different.

The “what is” of your life is the reality of what happened to you in your past and the certainty of your present situation. Yet how you got to this point in time isn’t nearly as important as where you are going from this point in time. You are fully capable of creating a better and brighter future for yourself when you use the God-like creative power you already possess.

So, what does your future look like? Bright? Dim? Cloudy? Sunny? Happy? Sad?

Don’t answer me through they eyes of some national economic indicators. Don’t answer me through the colored lenses of your past mistakes. Answer me instead through the eyes of your heart, through the hopes and dreams you have long held. Define your future as you want it to be.

You will find the majority of solutions to your problems and the healing of your hurts happen in your todays and in your tomorrows, not in your yesterdays. I truly believe that if you define your future first and go to work to make it happen, you will be better equipped to conquer the demons of your past. When you work on your future you don’t have time to rehearse the screw-ups, disappointments and insults of your past. The power of your vision for your future will enable you to take what is and make it into something completely different.

What does your future to look like? You can describe it, define it, call it forth, and begin to live it today because you’re something special.

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