You Are Specially Made!


The first and most provable difference between you and everyone else on the planet is that no one is constructed like you. Your body is different from anyone who has ever lived or will ever live – different on the inside and out.

4. Chapter 1

A whole new science called biometrics is dedicated to the physical differences within each human body. Biometrics refers to technologies that measure and analyze human body characteristics, such as fingerprints, eye retinas and irises, voice patterns, facial patterns, and hand measurements for authentication purposes.

Biometrics scientists have proven that no one’s face looks like yours. Even if

someone tells you, “My brother-in-law looks exactly like you,” he really doesn’t. He may look “like” you, but he doesn’t look “exactly like” you. He can’t because there are so many subtle differences in skin, hair, nose, eyes, and mouth that are definable and measurable.

The rest of your body reveals even more differences. Your height, weight, hands, feet, bellybutton (use your imagination for the rest of the differences) all vary in some degree from all others. You are made of precisely the same material as everyone else, and even though you may closely resemble another person, you are constructed in a way that is absolutely unique to you.

Another area of your physical uniqueness is discernable in the sound of your voice. It is unique from all others because of the length of your vocal cords, the shape of your oral cavity, the width and length of your tongue, the spacing and shape of your teeth, and the contour of your lips. Add to these physical differences your unique ethnic and cultural make-up and you have a voice that is only yours. Thanks to advances in biometrics, voiceprint technology is now as precise as fingerprint technology and is acceptable in courts of law.

5. Chapter 1

You are also quite different from everyone else on earth on the inside. Your metabolism, the variety of chemical reactions that occur within your body that enable you to live, reproduce, grow, and respond to your environment, is uniquely yours. This distinctive body chemistry is what accounts for the medical and pharmaceutical industries putting all those disclaimers and warning labels on their products and procedures. If everyone were the same no disclosures or warning labels would be necessary.

From the physical point of view you are specially made. But these are only the physical expressions of your absolute uniqueness. In the next chapter I will discuss the area where you are truly you – your mind.


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