Success Equals ???

What is your definition of success?

16. Chapter 11There is nothing more personal than the definition of success. Quite honestly, the dictionary definition is inadequate, and though your mother’s opinion is probably still important, only you can define success for you! And that definition can change literally from day to day and even moment to moment.

If you’re broke, success equals wealth.

If you’re sick, success equals health.

If you’re lonely, success equals friendship.

If you’re homeless, success equals a place to live.

If you’re lost, success equals being found.

If you’re disorganized, success equals order.

If you’re unloved, success equals romance.

If you’re unknown, success equals fame.

If you’re infamous, success equals anonymity.

If you’re in prison, success equals freedom.

If you’re in debt, success equals “paid in full.”

If you’re in doubt, success equals confidence.

If you’re fearful, success equals faith.

If you’re nasty, success equals nice.

If you’re uneducated, success equals knowledge.

If you’re sad, success equals joy.

If you’re a parent, success equals great kids.

If you’re a kid, success equals growing up.

If you’re always in a hurry, success equals patience.

If you’re weary, success equals vitality.

If you’re abrasive, success equals gentleness.

If you’re prideful, success equals humility.

If you’re callous, success equals compassion.

If you’re undisciplined, success equals self-control.

If you’re on the outside, success equals inclusion.

And on and on I could go. Whatever your need right now, success for you is having that need met. Never mind your vision for future fame or your dream of great wealth, what you need this very moment is what attracts your attention, expends your energy, picks your pocket, takes all your time, and ultimately determines your future.

Because you’re something special, you can find the answers you seek and get the help you need to make the changes you must make to succeed.


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