1.7: Better than Vision: Perception

When you were born God endowed you with a unique combination of gifts and talents for a reason. He positioned you at a particular place and at a precise time to complete important tasks only you can do.[Tweet “You have something to offer this world that no one else has.”]

You were born for a purpose; you have something to offer this world that no one else has.giftinhands

What keeps you from discovering and living a meaningful and contented life? Is it the noise and confusion of daily living? Do distractions, temptations, fears and bad habits keep you blinded from the possibility of living a life of significance?

Some suggest each person needs a vision of what they want their life to be. Tony Robbins writes, “The one trait that all successful, fulfilled people cultivate—be they great writers, teachers, artists, parents, politicians or athletes—is a passion and enthusiasm for life. We all need a compelling vision for our life: one so powerful that we are driven to do whatever it takes to achieve it.”

Tony is right, however the word “vision” can be misleading. A vision could mean a prophecy such as is found in the Old Testament. It is also associated with things such as auras, countenances, ESP, psychic powers, unexplained phenomena, even hallucinations.

The word “vision” could also refer to delusional thinking. I once asked a very slight, almost effeminate acting man what he did for a living.  He said, “I’m a professional athlete!” His comment turned his wife’s head with a surprised look.

“That’s fascinating,” I responded. What sport do you play?”

“I’m a professional bowler.” He told me.

After visiting awhile I found out he was the assistant manager at a small retail store in a mall and the member of a bowling league. He did not have a vision, he was delusional.

Vision is also associated with daydreaming and flights of imagination, fairylands, and fairy tales.

I once played with a team of seniors who went to the Senior Games for the big national basketball tournament. On the flight there I closed my eyes and started to envision playing before thousands of fans. In my dream I saw myself make the winning basket in the closing seconds and then be carried off the court by my teammates in a great victory celebration.

You guessed it, this was NOT a vision, it was a fantasy, a flight of imagination. In reality, I played only a few minutes, scored no points whatsoever, and made only a nominal contribution to our one victory.

“Vision” is a wonderful concept and you should have a vision for your life. But I prefer the word “perception.” I know it is not as sexy as vision, but it is much more helpful.

Perception helps you quiet the noise, clear the confusion, overcome the temptation, banish the fears, heal the hurts, plan with precision, open your eyes to the real you, and in the process, produce in you, real confidence.

In the next column I will show you that how you perceive yourself contributes or detracts from your success and happiness in life.

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