Texting Addiction: How Bad Is It? Part 2

Does addictive texting foster or abate loneliness?

Texting is a very useful technology however there is a real negative side to it. Besides the dangers previously referred to in these columns, there is a real problem with texting when there is conflict

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Do not text when you are angry!

between texters.

A Brigham Young University study* found that men and women in conflict situations text differently. Men are more likely to text to attack or avoid (fight or flight response), while women are more likely to text to capitulate or minimize conflict. Arguing via text may feel safe to the combatants, but the technological barrier weakens the relationship.

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Texting Addiction – How bad is it? Part 1

She:  “You hang up first.” He: “No, you hang up first!” She: “No, YOU hang up first.”

MoodoffDayTextingWhileDrivingIf you are over 50 years old you might remember that little game teenagers played back in the 50s, 60s and 70s. A boyfriend would call his girlfriend, then after 45 minutes or maybe a couple of hours on the phone, one of their mothers would chide them into hanging up, and the game would begin. Back then parents got upset about the unending phone conversations, but no parent worried that their teenager was lonely because he or she spent too much time on the phone.

Things are the same now, only different. Teenagers (and many adults) still spend a lot of time on the phone, but many don’t talk, they text. According to Experian*, the 18 to 25 year old American Smartphone user will send over 2,200 texts per month and receive another 1,831. That is an average of 134 texts per day received and sent.

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How to Enter the Friendship Zone and Have All the Friends You Want and Need

Loneliness ends when friendship begins, right? So, how do you go from all alone to all the friends you want and need? The solution, though not quick and easy, begins with you, within your own heart and mind. Here are five steps you must take to enter the friendship zone and create and maintain as many real friendships as you desire:

web_church outsideStep 1: Show up. You form relationships most frequently from the people you see most frequently. That means if you want to find a friend you must get out of your shell and show up someplace where people you might like to meet can be found. Get active in a cause you support, go to church, volunteer, or search for clubs or other organizations that interest you. When we moved from San Diego to Colorado we moved to a town where we knew almost no one. When the political season started I went to a caucus meeting and met some of our neighbors. Now we have new friends with common interests because I showed up.

Step 2: Speak up. It is easy to interact with people who like the same things you like. When I went to the political caucus meeting, I was confident I would meet people who agreed with my political ideas. In the process I got to know a couple with whom I shared much more than a common political position. We asked questions, listened politely, shared personal histories, and were drawn together by what we saw and heard. We spoke up!

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Five Levels of Friendships

Smarmy quotes about friendship posted on Facebook walls do nothing to clarify the meaning of this serious human yearning. Friendship is experienced on at least five levels.

downloadPassing friendship is the first level. The interesting person you sit next to on a long flight or the stranger who assists you in a moment of need would be passing friendships. After my freshman year in college I took a train from Julesburg, Colorado to Columbus, Nebraska. Sitting close to me was a lovely young lady my age and we chatted like old friends every mile of the way. Before I departed the train we exchanged addresses and promised to stay in touch forever, but we did not. It was a passing friendship. This category would also include nearly all school-days friends.

Needy friendship is the second level. These are the friends who appear only when they need something. They are found on the job when they need a favor, next door when they want to borrow a lawn tool, at church when they need another volunteer, etc. They are people you know and whose company you can abide though you will not vacation with them nor invite them to your birthday party.

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Three Reasons Why You Are Shy and the One Thing You Can Do About It

YOUNG WOMAN“I’m shy. That’s just the way I am,” said a young lady I spoke to recently. To her, shyness is in the same category as the color of her eyes or the size of her feet – something she cannot change. But she can change, and so can you. You do not have to be stranded alone in the corner of a room while everyone else has a good time. Here are three reasons why you are shy and one thing you can do about it.

Reason 1. You have become comfortable with your shyness. You protect yourself in a cocoon of self-doubt, unworthiness and insecurity, and it feels safe. It is like an old pair of shoes; worn, ugly and disintegrating, but you are used to them. If you bought a new pair you would have to break them in and they might pinch or hurt. And what if you didn’t like the way they looked or maybe they wouldn’t go with your favorite outfit? It is too easy to stay with the old ones – no risk, no unpleasant pain, no change. Your shyness is comfortable and your misery is manageable.

Reason 2. You have convinced yourself you must be perfect before you can be personable. You think that there are certain characteristics you must have that will make yourself feel secure enough to take the risk to speak up and be noticed. Since perfection never comes, friendship doesn’t either. Unfortunately, perfection in human relationships is not possible because humans are not perfect.  Michael J. Fox said, “Perfection is God’s business.”

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