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Loveland, Colorado 2015

The following is an audio recording Dr. Ross made to define the future of his writing and speaking career. Please listen and comment below. Thank you.

Ronald D. S. Ross

20 thoughts on “My Story – My Message

  1. Elizabeth Rhodes

    I enjoyed hearing about how God spoke to you about your purpose, so specifically. I feel that my purpose has evolved with the different stages of my life, and I can see God’s hand in all of them. For me, it has been more of an unfolding of purpose, as I trust Him to lead .

    1. Ron Ross Post author

      Thank you, Elizabeth. It is so true that our purpose evolves as we grow in our understanding of who we are and how we can impact the lives of those around is. I like your phrase, “an unfolding of purpose.” That says it all.

  2. Sherry Miller

    Ron, thanks so much for a very poignant reminder that we all have purpose in God’s kingdom! More days than not, I feel very “ordinary.” The enemy can really use that kind of thinking against you. But then something, or someone, will come along to remind me that, time and time again, we see in God’s word how He used “ordinary” people to do extraordinary things! Having made a radical career change about a year ago, I’ve often struggled with second-guessing myself about my decision. But I’m reminded by your very eloquent message that I just need to trust His timing and purpose and know that His grace is sufficient! Great clip!

  3. Dave Cornell

    Ron, What a clear, powerful message conveyed in just a few minutes. I love the visuals you create throughout as I saw myself lying on the front lawn looking up at the sky and hearing from the Creator of the universe! I love your voice and your cadence throughout the recording. Thanks for telling us your story, Ron! I’m working to live mine as well!

    Dave Cornell

  4. James LaRue

    Thanks for the invitation, Ron. Very professionally done. Parts of the message resonate: our uniqueness, the power of purpose, opening to the wonder of life. But there’s a strain of anti-intellectualism here, and certainly anti-evolution that I find incomprehensible and destructive. So we’ll have to differ there. But clearly, there’s an audience for it. Best wishes to you.

    1. Ron Ross Post author

      Thank you, Jamie, for your response.
      I wonder why considering theories of the origins of man other than evolution are considered anti-intellectual? To accept the theory of evolution demands at least as much faith if not more than accepting the theory of creationism. Isn’t it anti-intellectual to out-right refuse to intellectually consider another theory?
      But thanks again for your response. I value your opinions for you always challenge me intellectually to think hard about what I write and say.

  5. David Ross

    Inspiring much needed message not only for my ears but for anyone who will listen. Recognizing that we are answering God’s call is just the beginning of the journey. We must remain faithful, confident and willing to seek encouragement as we continue to walk the path God has chosen for us. Good job Dad!

  6. Michael Hines

    I enjoyed hearing the message. It really isn’t fair for me to comment on the theological portion of the message as I am too much of an old-line restorationist. The focus of the message, however, emphasizes the place of man in God’s creative activity. Technically evolutionary scientists believe primates (man and monkey) all descended from a common ancestor. Oh, I’m being too picky. The impact of the message is relevant and needed. The quality of the recording is excellent and deserves to be heard.

  7. Michelle Perron

    What originally was a task for me actually became a gift… a powerful message for each and everyone one of us who have chosen to heed your call.
    As I was listening, I could imagine this story being told in a small book, fit for a child or anyone for that matter. The images of you laying in the grass at ten years old along with your other duties along your life’s path became vivid in my mind.
    Thank you again for sharing,


    Excellent. You have a speaking voice in this particular video that distinctly reminds me of Stephen Covey. I enjoyed listening and it kept me hooked the way you expressed it. Sure there are others better qualified to comment on the content if you require feedback on that though but like the way it is put together and how you put your message across. Good job, R.

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