It’s Never Too Late To Be You

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA“Little Orley’s Adventures as a Worm” was a 78-rpm children’s record. You’ve probably never seen a 78-rpm record so it’s likely you’ve never heard of Little Orley. But I have and I do and I’ve never forgotten Little Orley.

It is the story about a little boy who one day wished he was a cabbage worm because as he worked in the cabbage field he observed that a cabbage worm never had to work; it just sat on a cabbage leaf, enjoyed the sun and ate cabbage. So one day Little Orley said, “Golly, I wish I was a cabbage worm!”

Just as Little Orley made his wish he heard a big voice saying, “Little Orley, do you really want to be a cabbage worm!”

“I sure do,” said Little Orley.

The big voice boomed back, “Then Little Orley BE a cabbage worm.” And he was.

The rest of the story is about Little Orley’s incredible and frightening adventures as a cabbage worm, which included the life threatening dodges of a chef’s knife in the kitchen of a fancy hotel.

The story ends when Little Orley realizes that being Little Orley was a whole lot better than being a cabbage worm. He speaks, “I sure wish I was Little Orley again.”

The big voice answered, “Cabbage worm, be Little Orley.” And he was.

The moral of the story is that only you can be you and being you is the best thing you can do for yourself, for those closest to you and for the rest of the world as well.

In case you’ve forgotten, my thesis for is booklet is, that in the 10,000-year history of humanity, there has never been anyone like you. And throughout the unknown millenniums to come, there will never be anyone like you again.

What does that mean? It means you are valuable beyond wealth, you are here for a reason, you are full of potential and no matter how old or young you may be it is not too late for you to be you. It’s time to give up on being a cabbage worm or whatever it is that you or other people think you should be.

Start today to be just you, the unique, matchless, real YOU. But don’t be content with the least you can be, be the most you can be. After all, you’re the only one who can be fully you because You’re Something Special!

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