1.6: Six Super-Duper Resources for Discovering Your Purpose for Living

The coffee table I built in wood-shop in the 11th grade has never wanted to be a ladder, dining room table or a boat. It has had one purpose in life, and has been quite content to be a coffee table. OK, I used it once or twice to stand on to change a light […]

1.5: Two Sad Reasons Many Live Boring and Insignificant Lives

There is great potential within you! Yet so many prefer to live only ordinary lives; to live as if each day has no importance and each year can pass without anything significant happening. Why are so many so content to live lives of quiet desperation? Two reasons: [Tweet “Why are so many so content to […]

Sibling Rivalry and the Origin of Man

Sibling rivalry is nothing new. It started just outside the Garden of Eden when two boys fought and Cain killed his brother Able. My brother and I have been competing since the day I was born. As children we fought over everything from toys to attention to, well, almost anything. Fortunately, neither my older brother […]