15 Nasty Negative Nutty Things You Do That Keep You Down

Who is your biggest enemy? What happens most often to keep you from achieving your potential or from fulfilling your purpose on earth? Too often your biggest enemy is yourself. It’s not the competition or the economy or the weather or the neighborhood or your mother or your high school English teacher or the person […]

1.4: Your True Source of Confidence

What makes one person confident and another one insecure? Money makes some people think they are invincible. The idea is, the more money they have the more secure their life is. Remember Bernard Madoff? He “managed” millions of dollars for thousands of people who put their trust in money. When his elaborate Ponzi scheme was […]

1.3: Evidences of the God Who Created You

Ninety-two percent of Americans believe in God. Why? Because the evidences of a Creator God are immediately available to anyone with an open mind willing to consider them. Evidence 1: The intricacy of creation. Have you noticed that it appears that nearly everything on earth has a purpose? How did that happen? Logic tells the […]